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No Subject

– Fluke Mafaldo [cut up by D.C.H.P; from the deep drawer] Before I had a chance To know more, night left. A mistake of madness And long lost thought. I simply got bored Looking at time looming in. Do you … Continue reading

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Antisocial Behaviour…

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I used #BBCAskThis…

… to bring up issues I think have been as yet overlooked in the campaign leading up to the UK general elections. I have no idea whether the questions will be considered – I made them out in writing and … Continue reading

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Clarkson bubbles

The dullard, out-of-touch communists from the BBC have saved my boss and most of my colleagues from an ass-whooping to end all whoopings today. But not for long, I suspect. There is something boiling in us all, just under the … Continue reading

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Profiling Guccifer

Some more material and a few shreds of thought on the story and the hacker himself… The other day of San Francisco published my big feature on the Romanian hacker Guccifer, real name Marcel Lazar-Lehel. He is a fascinating … Continue reading

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No Land’s Man or How Not to Do an Election

The 2014 presidential elections were a pyrrhic victory for Western values in post-Communist Romania. Note: a Romanian language version of this article was published by Gazeta de Romania, a London-based newspaper for Romanian expats. Read it here. Thousands of Romanians … Continue reading

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The Medianett saga: adventures in mercenary churnalism

“Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme…” – John Milton, Paradise Lost, 1667 Cub reporters: beware of marketing agencies employing investigative journalists. These wrongens* will likely try to corrupt you. Initially I wanted to be the source instead of the … Continue reading

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The Reformed

The Balkans have a very rich history of the little guy getting fucked over. Choosing a life of crime is one way to fight against oppression. Of course, it will ultimately prove a false battle because the criminal eventually becomes … Continue reading

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Nursing a crisis

In light of news earlier this month that the NHS is seriously overspending on agency staff, Rotherham Hospital provides a glimpse into how the dogma of outsourcing often achieves the exact opposite of its intended purpose which is to save … Continue reading

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by Fluke Mafaldo I’m a drunken fool, baby – A fever-sick dog for you. Let’s hit the road one morning, but let’s take the books with us too. We’re losing it all here, anyway And there’s not much about it … Continue reading

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