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The ‘silent secret’ app

Before spending eight months as a night-shift delivery driver for a posh deli called Benugo, I distributed flyers advertising the Silent Secret app to children in Barking, East London, for a few hours in December 2014 as a means to … Continue reading

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Gentles’ Easter

-all pictures mine (full copy rights etc) Celebrated the week after Easter, Gentles’ Easter is widely considered the most important holiday of the year by many Moldovans. This year it fell on the 19th and 20th of April, when cemeteries … Continue reading

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No Subject

– Fluke Mafaldo [cut up by D.C.H.P; from the deep drawer] Before I had a chance To know more, night left. A mistake of madness And long lost thought. I simply got bored Looking at time looming in. Do you … Continue reading

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Antisocial Behaviour…

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I used #BBCAskThis…

… to bring up issues I think have been as yet overlooked in the campaign leading up to the UK general elections. I have no idea whether the questions will be considered – I made them out in writing and … Continue reading

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Clarkson bubbles

The dullard, out-of-touch communists from the BBC have saved my boss and most of my colleagues from an ass-whooping to end all whoopings today. But not for long, I suspect. There is something boiling in us all, just under the … Continue reading

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Profiling Guccifer

Some more material and a few shreds of thought on the story and the hacker himself… The other day of San Francisco published my big feature on the Romanian hacker Guccifer, real name Marcel Lazar-Lehel. He is a fascinating … Continue reading

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No Land’s Man or How Not to Do an Election

The 2014 presidential elections were a pyrrhic victory for Western values in post-Communist Romania. Note: a Romanian language version of this article was published by Gazeta de Romania, a London-based newspaper for Romanian expats. Read it here. Thousands of Romanians … Continue reading

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The Medianett saga: adventures in mercenary churnalism

“Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme…” – John Milton, Paradise Lost, 1667 Cub reporters: beware of marketing agencies employing investigative journalists. These wrongens* will likely try to corrupt you. Initially I wanted to be the source instead of the … Continue reading

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The Reformed

The Balkans have a very rich history of the little guy getting fucked over. Choosing a life of crime is one way to fight against oppression. Of course, it will ultimately prove a false battle because the criminal eventually becomes … Continue reading

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