Blurb & contact

My name is Matei Rosca. I am a formerly destitute Romanian country boy living in London, Great Britain, since 2012; now I do journalism and try for literature.

I started working at POLITICO in London as a finance journalist in December 2018. My work email is

My phone number is +44 (0) 7784634196, in case you have a story to tell me. My personal email address is

I am on Twitter also.

If, for any reason, you want to send me an old-fashioned letter please call or message for the address. Do not share sensitive information over the phone or the internet. I use WhatsApp, Viber, Signal etc.

Until Novembr 2018 I was a reporter in the London bureau of a finance news service called S&P Global Market Intelligence, where I mostly wrote about banks.

As a freelance journalist I reported for the Guardian (UK), Hot News (Romania), Gazeta de Romania (London), Huck Magazine (UK), Private Eye Magazine (UK), ITN Productions (UK), Pando Daily (USA), Vice (UK), and others.

Another job I’ve done is driving a white van for posh deli Benugo, transporting sandwiches and cakes between London, Oxford, Swindon, Reading and Bath. I got my first job at age 14 in my uncle’s sawmill in Romania. Since then I have been an advertising copywriter at an Indian agency in London, I distributed flyers in the street, I was briefly a barman in the George Tavern on London’s Commercial Road where Chaucer, Charles Dickens and Pete Doherty have drank before, I cleaned student halls in Southampton, I worked as a handyman for an organiser of Muslim weddings, I made bicycle deliveries, I packed fruit, I bussed and cleaned tables in a Danish nightclub, I swept floors in a print works, loaded and unloaded lorries, served food and cleaned hotel rooms. I was part of the stage crew for the Danish legs of Beyoncé and The Eagles tours.

This website represents my own views and opinions, not those of my employer.