Blurb & contact

My name is Matei Rosca. I am a writer and journalist living in London.

I have been POLITICO’s reporter covering British finance since December 2018. My work email is

Occasionally I write articles for Private Eye magazine.

I finished my first novel two years ago and am writing my second (more here). I am also at the early stages of writing two non-fiction books, one about the City of London and one about the final days of Romania’s Communist secret police.

My phone number is +44 (0) 7784634196, please call if you have a story to tell. My personal email address is

I am on Twitter also.

If, for any reason, you want to send me an old-fashioned letter please call or message for the address. I use WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal etc.

Until Novembr 2018 I was a reporter in the London bureau of a finance news service called S&P Global Market Intelligence, where I mostly wrote about banks.

As a freelance journalist I reported for the Guardian (UK), Hot News (Romania), Gazeta de Romania (London), Huck Magazine (UK), Private Eye Magazine (UK), ITN Productions (UK), Pando Daily (USA), Vice (UK), and others.

I got my first job at age 14 in my uncle’s sawmill in rural Romania and was quite destitute when I arrived in London in 2012. Since then I also drove a white van for Benugo, transporting sandwiches and cakes between London, Oxford, Swindon, Reading and Bath.

Before that I was an advertising copywriter at an Indian marketing agency in London, I distributed flyers in Brick Lane, I was briefly a barman in the George Tavern on the Commercial Road where Chaucer, Charles Dickens and Pete Doherty drank at different moments in history, I cleaned student halls in Southampton, I worked as a handyman for an organiser of Muslim weddings, I made bicycle deliveries, I packed fruit, I bussed and cleaned tables in a Danish nightclub, I swept floors in a print works, loaded and unloaded lorries with a forklift, served food and cleaned hotel rooms.

I was part of the stage crew for the Danish legs of Beyonc√©’s and The Eagles’ 2010 European tours.

This website represents my own views and opinions, not those of my employer.