One year at POLITICO

It is one year today since I joined POLITICO Europe as finance reporter covering (mainly) the U.K.

Much of the time I type blurbs in the newsletter or short alerts about financial regulations and the occasional fine or penalty issued by the FCA or the Bank of England. But a great thing about POLITICO is that its area of coverage is broad enough for you to also write features about entirely unconnected subjects such as Moldovan politics, Romanian astrologers or allegations of corruption in Cyprus. Here are some of the stories I most enjoyed writing in the last 12 months, in no particular order, and which you can read for free:

-> Activist financier targets Cyprus over Russian dirty cash

-> Moldova’s new PM sets pro-Western course

-> For political guidance, Romanians look to the stars

-> How a footloose fintech firm did its Brexit ‘jurisdiction shopping’

-> Romania’s populists turn fire on central bank chief

-> MEPs help campaign of Moldovan convicted in $1B fraud

-> Troubled Latvian bank’s owner seeks time to recapitalize

And here are some of the articles I wrote for subscribers only, on POLITICO Pro:

-> London finance at crossroads in landmark election

-> FCA: UK may adjust finance rules depending on EU market access

-> EU regulators fret over share-trading restrictions after Brexit

-> Next Bank of England leader faces toxic politics and much more

-> Libra will need banks for key functions, co-creator says

-> International financial crime task force investigates Latvia’s ABLV

-> EU needs ‘attractive’ rules, not Brexit scraps, French watchdog says

-> London groups plan market trader qualification as Brexit nears

-> EU investors warn they could move to London … because of Brexit

-> UK finance regulator gears up monitoring for no-deal Brexit

-> City fears legal backlog will mean Brexit Wild West

…looking back, the Pro coverage seems rather fixated on Brexit. Here’s hoping politicians (and voters) allow us to broaden our horizons a bit in the new year.

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