Letter from Chișinău

Cutting from Private Eye 1353 (NOV2013): back then I wrote the readers of Britain’s finest news and current affairs magazine a letter from Chisinau. At the time I didn’t know that Russia was about to go to war with Ukraine to prevent it from warming up to Western Europe.

I wrote at the time:

“As I’m having a large glass of rocket-fuel Romanian moonshine, its crystalline sheen clearer than the coldest of springwaters, I raise it to the defiance the people of Moldova showed the Kremlin yesterday by signing the association agreement with the EU in Vilnius, thus turning their backs to the foul soviet ways perhaps for good. Something that big Ukraine could not bring herself to do in spite of public opinion. Amen, Mahalo and Geezus bless.”

The piece below appeared in the Eye just prior to the fateful Vilnius summit:

private eye 1353 letter from chisinau cutting

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