The Wapping Mole discovers likely Romanian prostitution ring

The Wapping Mole, a lively blog running journalistic investigations and general interest news about the Wapping neighbourhood of Tower Hamlets, London, has discovered what appears to be a Romanian sex trafficking gang operating on the quaint cobblestoned streets it patrols.

The Mole duly ran an investigative series about it — complete with candid pictures — and shortly afterwards the police and local council followed up and are now said to be monitoring the situation.

I made a slight contribution to the Mole’s work in the form of a few comments about how Romanian human trafficking gangs generally work. They are a much bigger problem in Italy, Spain and France but it seems the UK is not immune.

Read all about it here:

Beyond antisocial behaviour, which is a nuisance of course, the police should make sure that there is no modern slavery or other organised crime going on around the activity of these escorts. Trust the Mole to keep chasing the story.

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